Runlin (Marilyn) Mao

Runlin (Marilyn) Mao

Lab Alumni

BA-University of International Business and Economics (expected 2018)


Research Interests:

Runlin was selected for the 2017 UCLA summer program for Cross-Disciplinary Scholars in Science & Technology (CSST). Through this summer program, she joined SAIL and worked on several research projects together with Prof. Margaret Shih and Dr. Serena Does.

Her research interest is to develop effective pedagogy and policies to remove the barriers for the future generations on their way to find their own identities and personalities. She believes educators’ guidance is crucial in the process.



Runlin is majoring in Education and minoring in international business at University of International Business and Economic in Beijing, China. After graduation, she hopes to attend graduate school.  She hopes to be equipped with the framework and methodologies to conduct research into what teachers and schools can do to inspire and support students to develop a deeper understanding of themselves.